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****TK-909 GPS Tracker,  796,00 SEK excl. vat
Our popular GPS tracker with a dog/cat collar has changed its name to TK 909. This is the original.
This small GPS Tracker TK-909 has a longer stand by time, about 10 days, and is more suited for animals. Also fit people, vehicles, bags, etc.
Withstands rain, IPX class 6.
It is very easy to use and you have free support.
Platform and Apps are free of charge.

With detachable black dog/cat collar of fibrous material which acts between 0 and 60 cm. You can even use your own collar.

Ability to track through the App to Android or iOS. You also can track via map of the internet computer. Also works with phones without internet. Sim card is required.

The pack contains: TK-909 GPS, Manual English and Swedish, Built-in rechargeable 3.7V 1000mAh Li-ion battery, Battery Charger, USB cable, Membership on the server for real-time tracking, App for iOS and Android.

Weight 44 grams, size 7,0 x 3,7 x 2,0 cm.

CE and RoHS approved.

Picture packaging: Packaging

Pictures on hunting dogs: Hunting dog 1 Hunting dog 2

Pictures of our test dog Wilma 6 years old, dwarfpoodle: Wilma 1 Wilma 2 Wilma 3

Pictures of our test cat Molle 6 year old: Molle 1 Molle 2 Molle 3

Picture of the cat Nisse: Nisse
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796,00 SEK excl. vat