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****TK-909 GPS Tracker/Second sorting,  636,00 SEK excl. vat
We sell a small number of our popular GPS tracker at a reduced price! They may have minor cosmetic defects on the device or packaging. Function are not affected. Full warranty.

This GPS tracker is perfect for dogs, cats, children, vehicles, etc. The range is unlimited.
Weight 44 grams, size 7.0 x 3.7 x 2.0 cm. With removable black dog/cat collar of fiber materials, 0-60 cm. You also can replace with their own or to use without the dog/cat collar.

Tracking via map in real time with the app or computer is free of charge. Only a low cost of SIM cards to come. The maps used are Google maps.
Works for both iOS and Android.

Picture packaging: Packaging

Pictures on hunting dogs: Hunting dog 1 Hunting dog 2

Pictures of our test dog Wilma 6 years old, dwarfpoodle: Wilma 1 Wilma 2 Wilma 3

Pictures of our test cat Molle 6 year old: Molle 1 Molle 2 Molle 3

Picture of the cat Nisse: Nisse
Stock Status: In Stock
636,00 SEK excl. vat