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*Ring-Pen,  63,00 SEK excl. vat
No more gripping the pen with three fingers. Ring-Pen is designed to fit the human hand. Helps prevent writers cramp. Eases the pain of Arthritis. No more calluses on the middle finger. RingPen reduces fatigue while writing.

Ring-Pen is perfect for anyone who writes: students, teachers, secretaries, office workers, accountants, etc. Ring-Pen is excellent for children with poor fine motor control Futuristic and awarded design.

If you write frequently and for extended periods of time with regular pens you likely have developed a callous or blister on your middle finger.
Ask most students and journalists and they will tell how their hand hurts and grows numb after frenetic or continuous writing.
Ask the older demographics in society and many will tell you how difficult it is to hold the pen while writing. The joints ache and the flexibility of fingers is reduced as one gets older. The effects of this are that the act of writing is increasingly difficult and the quality of the handwriting steadily worsens..

You find refills specifically designed for the unique ergonomic shape of the RinG-Pen under the category Ring-Pen.

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63,00 SEK excl. vat